Produce Processing: How Ozone Can Improve Shelf Life

In 2005, American Water Purification, Inc. began research and testing of their patented water reuse system on produce process water which has proven successful in the poultry processing industry. A miniature replica of the system was constructed and housed in a 50’ trailer used on-site to conduct a wide variety of experimental test runs with numerous laboratory analyses performed to document each test.

In 2007, an expanded treatment system was devised and thoroughly tested and proved to clean every produce process stream to a point where it could be reused within the process. Delayed temporarily by host plant renovations and modifications, it was not until late 2008 that our findings could be verified and certified by a reputable third party.

In October 2008, AWPI and the University of Georgia Food Science Department initiated a joint study to further analyze the produce water reuse system. Three (3) separate and independent studies were performed and the results were combined for the following report. Accompanied by UGA Food Science Staff members, AWPI collected process water, treated and transported the polished water in sterile containers to Athens, GA. These containers were packed in ice. UGA Graduate students and Staff members set up procedures and conducted shelf life tests following previously established protocol.

The University of Georgia Food Science Department concluded that the AWPI treated water did not negatively affect the shelf life or appearance in any way, and in some instances, while not significant, showed an improvement.

(Download PDF of the full report)