Produce Processing and Commercial Poultry Processing News: Food Pathogen Fears Influence Consumer Shopping Patterns

Professionals in the commercial poultry processing and produce processing industries are justifiably concerned about a decline in consumer confidence for their products. A recent article on casts light on increasing food safety concerns in America, and how they are negatively influencing shopping habits.

The article describes the findings of a study called “Food Safety Certification: A Study of Food Safety in the U.S. Supply Chain,” which was sponsored by DNV Business Assurance. The upshot of the findings is that consumers want better government certification methods, while food industry professionals are concerned about traceability and cost reduction in the implementation of those certifications.

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AWPI Green Technology in ActionGREEN NOTE: There’s even a green angle to the findings: food suppliers and consumers alike believe that such issues as recycling, social justice and green practices are also important considerations in food pathogen prevention. This is an area in which commercial poultry processing and produce processing professionals can make significant progress by converting both wash water and waste water systems to the green technologies offered by American Water Purification.

What’s the downside of conversion? Nothing. Companies that change over can actually save money, save water, and achieve a better food pathogen kill by switching to AWPI’s green technologies. Profitable companies, healthy consumers … and reduced environmental impact; it’s nice when everybody wins.

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