Poultry Hot Water System

AWPI’s hot water recovery system uses a patented .04 micron silicon carbide filter system to remove suspended solids and pathogens from the raw water source and return it to the process.

FSIS System Approval

The Risk and Innovations Management Division (RIMD) of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has recognized the American Water Purification Inc. (AWPI) Hot Water Reuse System (HWRS) as technology permitted to be used in federally inspected establishments. AWPI has incorporated procedures for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) of pathogen removal and written Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for sanitation as an on-going basis for its effectiveness as provided for under 9 CFR 416.2 (g) (3).

Reduce Energy Costs

Our system recovers all of the heat energy in the raw water source allowing the clean water to be returned to the process for reuse.

Reduce Chemical Costs

The AWPI system does not remove chemical solutions that have been added to the hot water process as pH adjusters or sanitizers, eliminating the need to replace these chemicals for reuse.

Computer Control System

If there’s a problem with the system, the computer alerts your technician and supervisory personnel, via Internet, from anywhere you have access to the Internet (see Figs. 1 and 2). System trends and events are recorded for trackability of best practices. The system is self cleaning, initiating back flushes when needed.

Fig. 1 Poultry Hot water system control screen for factory floor operator


Fig. 2 Poultry hot water system remote operator control screen


Improve Product Quality

The HWRS can be regulated to control water temperature for efficient operation. It also manages overflow rates for maximum control and elimination of E-Coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Fast and Economical Installation

Most AWPI installations can be done over a weekend, with very little hardware footprint required inside the facility. Inner-connect costs pay for themselves within a few months.

Patent Number: 8,221,617

Water Reuse Case Study

Current Situation

  • Unregulated Scalder Overflow
  • High TSS and Salmonella
  • Target 20-40 gpm Overflow
  • 3 Scalder Systems- 60 gpm
  • 1 Paw Picker Line - 40 gpm


Recover High Energy Cost Hot Water Overflow From Poultry Scalder/Paw Picker Process for Reuse.


  • Regulate Scalder & Over Flow
  • Operator PLC Controls
  • Screen and Membrane Filter
  • UV Pathogen Removal
  • 95% LT Clarity
  • NO Heat Loss in Recovery
  • Paw Picker Oil Recovery
  • Annual Savings $180,620
  • 5 Years Lease agreement
  • < 0.3 Year ROI