Laundry Water Recycling for Commercial Facilities

Like every other business in the world, commercial laundry facilities are always interested in cutting costs. AWPI is currently partnering with a large commercial laundry facility in Georgia to field test a hot water recycling system that will reclaim the wash water they’re currently sending down the drain and return it to front end of the process with very little temperature loss. The idea is to reduce not only incoming water costs, but energy costs.

Will it work? We’re optimistic. AWPI has a similar system that can recycle food grade hot water for the poultry industry (which tends to generate some pretty nasty water), so doing it for laundry applications should be a comparatively easy transition for the technology.

The system will capture used laundry water, sanitize it with a patented, .01 micron ceramic filter system, then return it to the front end of the process with negligible energy loss.


AWPI Money-SaverEarly indications are that the system may save
enough money in energy and incoming water that
costs of installation can be recovered in a few


The AWPI system will also leave any desirable hot water additives untouched, so these chemicals will not need to be reapplied when the water is re-used.

We’re very excited about the prospects here, and we think it could change, not only the cost structure for operating a commercial laundry facility, but with wide enough use, could signal a significant victory in the battle to prevent a looming worldwide water shortage.