Water Well Quality Facts: Understanding "iron water" in your well

We’ve talked about ways to solve “iron water” problems on our website and blog, but many people are looking for general information on iron in well water. Here are the basics:

Unpleasant taste
Dissolved ferrous iron has a distinct, bitter taste in drinking water (the higher the concentration, the more bitter the taste).

Cooking with iron water
Vegetables cooked in iron water take on a dark, unpleasant color. When you make coffee or tea with it, the beverage turns black and tastes harsh.

Iron stains
Even low concentrations of iron in well water leave tough, red-brown stains on plumbing fixtures, dishes and laundry.

Health concerns
Iron in well water will not make you ill. As a matter of fact, iron is an important part of a complete diet, and helps the blood transport oxygen. Still there are plenty of reasons to make sure you don’t have much of it in your drinking water.

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