Taking control of hot water recovery in commercial poultry processing

If you’re in charge of defeathering operations for a commercial poultry production facility, there are several reasons to consider a ceramic-filter-based hot water recovery system. The first is cost. These new systems, available from American Water Purification, Inc. (AWPI), can reduce water and energy expenses so significantly that installation costs are recovered in just a few months of operation.

Another advantage is that you gain better control over water temperatures and overflow rates for more effective defeathering and better elimination of pathogens.

But the biggest boon for the people who have to take those middle-of-the-night calls when something goes wrong, is the ability to monitor the system from anywhere you happen to be, as long so you have Internet access. The system can even autodial your number at the first sign of trouble, so you can log in via computer and get things back on track as quickly as possible.

There’s more: By allowing you to proactively monitor system trends and date stock of repair components, the AWPI system is designed to increase uptime in the first place. If a problem does occur, the system’s diagnostics help you to isolate it, so it can often be solved immediately with a phone call to the system operator.

It’s a new world of better cost controls, better system controls, and from time to time, a better night’s sleep.