Commercial poultry facilities have a new way to reduce costs

With the rising costs of oil–and just about everything else–commercial poultry production facilities are taking a closer look than ever at their bottom lines. New technologies that can reduce costs are more attractive than ever, and those that can improve product quality and safety at the same time are receiving even more attention.

After hitting a home run with its commercial poultry process water re-use system, American Water Purification, Inc., (AWPI), headquartered in Wichita, Kan., is seeking the spotlight again with its new hot water re-use system, which is USDA approved for food contact.

AWPI’s system uses a patented process, utilizing microceramic filtration, to sanitize chicken scalder water and return it to the front end of the system.

The AWPI system saves enough money that unit installation costs can be recovered in the first few months. Improved pathogen reductions and consumer health are secondary benefits of switching to the system.

“We think commercial poultry facilities will be eager to take advantage of this system, with all the public interest in choosing healthier foods,” said Gates. If you can cut costs, plus give your customers an opportunity to feel better about what you’re selling them, it makes a lot of sense from every direction.”

Wynn Ponder is a freelance writer who covers industrial, science and marketing topics and owner of Wichita video production and marketing firm Ponder:Connect.