Making Water a Renewable Resource for American Industry

Water and waste water discharge costs will continue to sharply increase making water reuse treatment methods critical to the success of many businesses. American Water Purification, Inc (AWPI) is providing new methods of water treatment that can help companies in many industries control these costs.  AWPI systems combine advanced filtration methods with ozone technologies to provide safe, effective, renewable, and environmentally responsible treatment solutions.

Ozone is USDA and FDA approved (GRAS) for food processing.  Our Advanced Water Treatment Technologies have saved billions of gallons of water for the poultry industry.  We are now introducing new water reuse technologies for pre-cut produce, commercial laundry, hot and cold energy recovery and well water treatment. We welcome you to call us and discuss water reuse solutions which may potentially save you thousands of dollars annually

Our History

American Water Purification, Inc is a Kansas Corporation which began business in 1984 as a developer and manufacturer of ozone-based swimming pool and spa disinfection systems.  These systems, marketed under the name “Hydrozone”, could reduce chlorine use by 90% in a pool and totally eliminate its use in a spa. 

In 1987, looking for other ozone uses, AWPI began research and development efforts on a direct application of ozone to eliminate pathogens on food and in 1989 applied to the USDA for a water reuse system for food processing.  After 8 years of working with the USDA, AWPI was granted approval for its water reuse application for meat and poultry processing plant.

The first AWPI commercial water reuse system for poultry processors became operational in 1997.  Our water reuse systems are returning 350,000 gallons per day (k/gpd) to 550 k/gpd at multiple poultry plant facilities, and in total, have delivered over a billion gallons of reuse water.

About Us

American Water Purification, Inc is an advanced water treatment technology company providing solutions for commercial and industrial water reuse to many different industries.

We are the leader in water reuse for the poultry industry returning USDA approved water to virtually all primary processing areas.  AWPI has returned billions of gallons of reprocessed water to the poultry industry since our first installation went online in November 1997.

Our ozone and membrane water treatment technologies can provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that have a desire to reduce water use and meet or exceed increasing environmental regulations.

Call (316) 685-3333 or email to learn more about our advanced water treatment systems.

AWPI Board of Directors

Randolph D Love – Chairman of the Board

Dan E Gates – President & CEO

Jay Dixon – Director