Poultry Water Reuse Systems

In the commercial poultry production industry, where a facility’s daily water use may exceed 500 thousand gallons per day, AWPI’s treatment systems can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Our USDA approved system uses the natural bactericidal properties of ozone to quickly and effectively remove solids, clarify, and purify industrial food processing water streams, then recycle them for direct food contact purposes. We can help you reduce your total monthly expense for water, sewer, pretreatment and refrigeration, while providing additional water resources for plant expansion, further processing needs, and improved environmental performance.

Check out these three water re-use systems for poultry processors:

Improve Profits

Ozone water treatment system can significantly reduce water costs for poultry processors, most often paying for inner-connect installation costs in the first year.

More Effective Sanitizing Method

With a 99.9 percent kill rate, AWPI’s ozone treatment systems are far more effective than chlorine sanitizing methods. Ozone kills bacteria by entering the cell and exploding, making it impossible for the pathogen to overcome this technology by mutating into resistant strains.

Improved Worker Safety

Ozone lowers the threat of workers compensation claims for poultry processors by reducing the risks of exposure to hazardous chemicals. Here’s how:

  • Ozone is generated onsite, at relatively low concentrations and pressures (less than 15 psi). It is immediately consumed in the treatment process and is not stored as a compressed gas. Unlike chlorine and other gases, an uncontrolled, widespread, and sudden release of large quantities or ozone is not possible.
  • Ozone has a relatively short half-life, generally measured in minutes in the aqueous and gas phases. Any accidental release of ozone will not persist in the environment for a long period of time, compared to a release of more stable toxic gases.
  • Ozone decomposes into simple diatomic oxygen upon breakdown. It will not form environmentally harmful or persistent compounds upon reaction with common hydrocarbons, nor will it result in the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons such as THMs. It exerts only temporary, nonthreatening symptoms in the unlikely event of human exposure.
  • Ozone is not characterized as a carcinogen or mutagen. It does not accumulate in fatty tissue or cause long-term chronic effects.
  • Ozone does not contribute to air pollution or smog.

Environmentally Responsible

Ozone is an eco-friendly technology.

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