Poultry Process Water Re-use System

AWPI’s Process Water Re-use system for commercial poultry production is greener, safer and more economical (see case study at bottom) than other systems. Our patented technology uses a four-stage ozone (rather than chlorine) process to purify and remove solids, BODs and CODs from process water.

Better than chlorine
Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial agent with many advantages over chlorine:

  • None of the storage costs or hazards associated with chlorine: ozone is generated onsite, has a very short half-life, and breaks down into normal, diatomic oxygen.
  • Stronger antimicrobial power: ozone kills pathogens 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

Even beyond the many advantages of ozone, our system saves you money in other ways:

  • Our ozone system reclaims up 30 to 40 percent more water for reuse (USDA approved for food contact) at more points of use than screen and chlorinating systems, which reduces your incoming water costs. This also helps keep you in compliance with new water use restrictions being imposed by many cities.
  • It allows you to expand your operation by lowering your waste water volume and reducing BODs and CODs in the water.
  • It reduces system errors by showing performance events and trends (see Fig. 1), even signaling operators when a problem occurs. This control panel can also be viewed–and the system can be controlled–from a supervisor’s office or from anywhere in the world, via internet (see Fig. 2).
  • It improves the quality and safety of your poultry product by replacing chlorine with ozone as the antimicrobial agent.

Fig. 1: Poultry Process Water control screen for system trend analysis

Fig. 2: Poultry Process Water control screen

A trained and experienced AWPI technician is on-site each processing day and on call 24 hours a day to ensure reliable performance, maximum cost savings, and a strong working relationship with plant management and operating personnel.

Call (316) 685-3333 or email sales@awpi.biz to schedule an evaluation of your commercial poultry production facility.

Process Water Reuse Case Study

Current Situation

  • Operate 16 Hr- 22 Days Mo
  • Consume 2,000 K/gpd Water
  • $10.76 K/gal Water-Discharge


Lower Cost by Reducing Water Consumption, Chemical Treatment and Discharge Volume to City.


  • Recover 585 K/gpd Reuse
  • Ozone TSS Removal
  • Micro Filtration Removal
  • AWPI Price $4.35 K/gal
  • $1,171,700 Annual Savings
  • $115,024 Annual Savings
  • System Oper Cost Included
  • <0.5 ROI
  • 10 Years Lease agreement