Well Water

Well Water Treatment

As water prices continue to escalate, well water utilization will play a bigger role in controlling water costs for many businesses that are fortunate to have access to private well systems.  However, in much of the country, most of the potential for use of well systems will depend on state-of-the-art treatment for removing minerals and heavy metals to render it safe for potable and non-potable uses.

AWPI’s ozone well water system removes iron, minerals, manganese, even sulfur to improve the taste and odor of well water.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ozone is the most effective primary disinfectant available for drinking water, more effective than chlorine against microorganisms, including the chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium and Guardia, which have invaded food and water supplies in recent years, causing illness and death.

Well Water Recovery Case Study

Current Situation

  • Existing Unusable Well
  • High Level Minerals Contents
  • Well Capacity of 120 gpm
  • Municipal Rate $5.84 K/gal


Convert Existing Non-Usable Well Water For Potable and Non-Potable Uses to reduce City Water Consumption.


  • Oper Well 24 Hr / 22 Days Mo
  • 169 K/gpd production
  • Ozone Minerals Oxidation
  • Micro Filtration Removal
  • AWPI Price $3.00 K/gal
  • $115,024 Annual Savings
  • System Oper Cost Included
  • <0.5 ROI
  • 6 Years Lease agreement